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Git Svn Branches


gits series of svn commands makes it appealing to use with an svn repository. One can easily make local branches, pull down svn, dcommit back up to svn. Filling in that gap of easily throw away feature branches.

Git + Svn sitting in a tree

You can also work with svn branches (create and push to them) with a few wizard incantations. While reciting these spells be sure to use:

  • git svn info to make sure you are not pointing at TRUNK
  • Doing a dry run with -n or --dry-run to svn dcommit to make sure it will end in up the right place.


Cast them.

Backbone.js Catch Missing Routes

So Silent

You know the drill. Click button, nothing happens.

  • Is my event firing in the view?
  • Is my route triggering?

Make it so #1

By having * as a route you can catch spelling errors and other mismatched route errors. The catch an asterisk causes a regex error in the router, so we place any alpha characters after it to appease the regex gods. In this case ‘nomatch’

LDAP tears

So its come to that point in your life where a project is using LDAP. In my case, it was a php Laravel app.

What’chu Talkin About

The environment: Mac OSX 10.8.5 with MAMP and openldap. The error? Can’t bind to server.

Sanity Check

Use something like Apache Directory Studio with the same settings as your app is configured to use. If it works, your issue lies in self-signed certificates and connecting over secure ldaps:// protocol.


On OSX, edit your /etc/openldap/ldap.conf and change TLS_REQCERT from demand to never

Your hazing is now complete.

Arduino Burning Man Goggles

My eyes the goggles do nothing

Ever since Arduino came about and serially addressable RGB LED’s showed up I’ve loved messing around with them. Adafruit came out with these rings that you can string together conveniently to fit in a pair of welders or similar goggles. Pichurs


Burning Man is an awesome time to relax, think, and invent things. This year there was a steam punk camp and I decided to use some goggles we had and my NeoPixel rings (originally for a clock pendant idea) some pink duct tape and have at it!

See Plus Plus

I want every project to be a new challenge, so this time I decided to take all of the MVC patterns of the web development world and try them on some LED’s. So each pattern is a model that updates its data, and a view renders all of them to the led strip. The plus of this is it would be easy to render to different LED strips using different libraries under the hood. Grab the CODE


Parsley.js Error Box

I am Error

Recently while attempting to style a Google Form I needed to do some javascript validations before submission. I came across Parsley.js which makes it super easy, they even work with some standard html5 attributes like type=email and required

Radio Head

The default behavior of Parsley.js is to create a div with a list beneath each item with a validation error. This is fine except for a series of check boxes or radio boxes that are each padded by divs.

Magic Divs

Here is a slight modification of the stock Parsley error wrapper to search up the dom until it finds a parent which has an error div.

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